Compassion International

We do ‘holistic’ child development, meaning physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual, through a 1:1 connection model. Our goal is to connect a child with a sponsor that will stay with from early school age all the way until they are 18. Human translated letters between sponsors are kids have been the a key part of the 1:1 relationship we help children and sponsors foster. Our challenge today is to develop a solution which is more scalable and more immediate, while still protecting our children from any potential harm. We have typically done this manually reviewing all letters. We challenge you to help us add a voice strategy for connecting children to their sponsors, with near-real time translation from device to device, while also filtering out anything inappropriate for children to experience.

GameChanger Charity

We leverage technology & innovation to ease the pain and suffering of children facing life-threatening illnesses. We need to stress test the brand new GameChanger Donation Twitch Extension. We intend to launch our new TE on December 6th at the Game Awards show, where GameChanger is being honored during live broadcast on Twitch for 10.5 million viewers. We challenge you to help us build tools and methods to stress test our Twitch Extension today.

Girls Who Code

Corporate partners are the key to Girls Who Code's success, accounting for roughly 90% of our funding. Employees at our partner companies are clamoring for volunteer opportunities to support our numerous GWC programs, but at present we don’t have a way to easily act on their requests. Our current solution for this pain point is a static toolkit of volunteer opportunities. GWC is looking for a new, engaging way to communicate these opportunities to partner employees – one that seamlessly integrates with our current HQ platform and sits at the core of a unified ecosystem. We challenge you to create something that can serve our users and provide GWC insight into how well our partnerships and initiatives are performing so that we can calibrate ongoing outcomes and not only meet, but exceed our funding goals.

Goodwill Industries International

We are a network of organizations that connects people with opportunities to build skills, advance careers, and care for their families. We need to establish, improve, and sustain communications with people who want to advance their careers with Goodwill’s Job Coaching and Training programs. They need access to timely notifications about employment and training opportunities and be made aware of the support services we offer them. We challenge you to make it easier for us to establish and facilitate mutual contact, as often times, the burden falls on Goodwill. Goodwill leaders and employees also need metrics and visibility into how these communications help people advance their careers in order to monitor progress and apply for grants.